Atocera, Inc. is developing low-cost ultra-sharp, rustproof ceramic and semiconductor blades with multi-dimensional self-cleaning cutting-edges, and integrated sensors for surgical and hair removal applications. 

We offer cutting edges that:

  • Are rust free 
  • Atomically sharp
  • Are disposable and environmentally benign
  • Can be integrated with peripheral devices such as micro-lights, lasers and smart sensors and microfluidics

Our target applications

Our blades are configurable and can be used for :

  • Ophthalmic and neurosurgery
  • Microtome operations
  • Hair removal

What sets us apart

Our core technology employs a combination of matured semiconductor processing techniques in the manufacturing processes. Unlike existing serial filing methods of sharpening blade edges, we employ benign processes to create atomically sharp cutting edge en mass. We have developed inexpensive in house tools for our manufacturing processes.